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Gratest's Golden Thoughts of Swaminarayan Smpradaya

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  • “The work accomplished by Lord Swaminarayan in India and especially in Gujarat, the ruler by their might could not do and not be able to do.”

    “India is a land of many sects. But Swaminarayan has struck me as laudable, clean and appealing. I have great respect for this sect.”

    Mahatma Gandhi
    (The Father of The Nation)
  • “Swami shree Sahjanand was the last reformist of the medieval Hinduism.”

    Justice, Mr. Madhav Govind Ranade
    (Social Refarmer & Distinguised Scholer)
  • “He (Bhagwan Swaminarayan) was a celibate, vetibate, self-controlled, austere, ascetical, yet withal large hearted and philanthropic, with a great aptitude for learning.”

    Sir Monier Williams Baden
    (Professor of Sanskrit, Oxford 1887)
  • “The fragrance of high morality was spread up all over India and Gujarat by the effect of the pious and virtuous conduct of Lord Swaminarayan and his saints. This fellowship has played a great deal in changing over the thousands of ordinary illiterate brutal hearts into highly moral and cultured ones.”

    “The contribution of this religion to the transformation of the untrained and unlettered people belonging to the backward classes is very important. It has helped them emerge from their sub-human state and give them respectability and human dignity.”

    Sardar Vallbhbhai Patel
    (First Deputy Prime Minister of India)
  • “Lord Swaminarayan’s fellowship was established on a strong foundation. Almost two hundred thousand disciple are become members of the holy fellowship. In such a short period of time, no religion of the world has attracted that many disciples. No religion of the world has progressed with such a great speed. ”

    “Lord Swaminarayan was the first to incorporate non-Hindus into the Hindu dharma. The famous ardeshar kotwal of Surat, a Parsi, and some khoja Muslims adopted the sampraday”.

    Kishorelal Mashruvala
    (Prominent Gandhian Thinker And Gujarati Author)
  • The teaching of swami shri Sahajanand have turned many aggressively violent communities of Gujarat and Kathiawar into docile and peace loving devotees of god. The vachanamrutam, a collection of his sermons is very deep in spiritual content and worth contemplating upon, as a book exploring modes of upasana, self-realization.”

    Acharya Shri Anandshankar Bapubhai Dhruv
  • “Amongst the great spiritual torch-bearers of Gujarat the name of swami sahajanandji is the foremost.”

    Kanaiyalal Munshi
    (Eminent Guajarati Litterateur)
  • “Of all the ideologies propounding the principle of non-violence, the one put forward by shri Swaminarayan has appeared to be the loftiest to me. its influence on my personal life has been so great, that I have dedicated my entire life to the cause of non-violence.”

    Gulzarilal Nanda
    (Former Home Minister of India)
  • “The teachings of Swaminarayan are like a clear stream of water, ever flowing and purifying; quenching the thirst of one and all. Man may belong to any caste or creed but he is always in search of light that will lead him nearer to truth. And a prophet or a god is the one who provides him this divine light.”

    Shri Mehdi Nawaz Jung
    (Former Governor of Gujarat)
  • “When Gujarat, Kutch and Kathiawar were plunged into darkness, for nearly 30 years, shri Sahajanand swami strove hard and brought back the people on the path of righteousness. Using his spiritual power and organizational insight, he created a band of committed followers, accepted challenges and faced difficulties to spread his divine message to people belonging to upper-classes and lower-classes, to Hindus and non-Hindus alike and illumined their hearts. His spiritual endeavor reminds us of Lord Buddha. Amongst the eminent persons of his time, Sahajanand swami was the greatest he the Supreme Being, worthy of being worshipped by his contemporaries as god the incarnate.”

    Kishorelal Mashruvala
    (Eminent Thinker)
  • “I found the theory of non-violence of Shree Swaminarayan as the best of all. His extraordinary theory of non-violence affected me so much that I myself got converted into His fellowship.”

    Gulzarilal Nanda
    (Ex-Acting Prime Minister of India)
  • “The sermons of Shree Swaminarayan are pure and pious beneficial to all like the flow of clean and clear streams of water. A man may be of any caste or creed but he requires the divine light of such spiritual know ledge. One who gives such divine light may be God or Paigambar.”

    Shri Mehdi Nawaz Jung
    (Ex-Governor of Gujarat State)
  • “Being a Brahman, a versatile pandit, a staunch Vaishnav and an ideal sanyasin, the sadhu-cum-reformer added a great enlightenment to the culture of Gujarat by his life and living. A representative of the nineteenth century.

    Amongst the great spiritual torch bearers of Gujarat, the name of Swami Sahajanandji is the foremost”

    Kanaiyalal Munshi
    (Eminent Gujarati Writer And Educationist)
  • “Swaminarayan sect is one of the biggest in Hindu religion.”

    Narendra Modi
    (Prime Minister of India)
  • Situating the swaminarayan Tradition in the Historygraphy of modern hindu reform.

    Brain A. Hatcher
    (Proffesor In Tufts University, Department of Religion)
  • “Lord Swaminarayan is jyotirdhar of Gujarat.”

    Vijayray Vaidya
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