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           Lord Shree Swaminarayan raised or asked the question during the assembly, that to whom I will establish at my Gadi? At a time Muktanand swami and others have said……

           Oh…. Lord! Designation of this Gadi given to wised H.H Dahrmdevji by Swami Ramanandji at a that time. And by knowing of you are son of Dharmdevji Gadi was given to you by Swami Ramanandji.

           Where the incarnation of incarnate has born that place should be adorned by only and only a son of Dharmkul, because milk of lines always keeps in gold container as same your designation must be in the Dharmvansh.

           Oh… Dharmnandan! Only man who has born in the Dharmvansh only able to maintain your Gadi but no other because there is no one to various conductor as like yours and you.

           Shree Hari telling after Saints and Devotees opinions were listened by Lord Shree Swaminarayan. I also decided that I will appoint Dharmvanshi child on my place.

           Divine Acharya Parampara!!! Which is a bone of lord or sign of his own and precious gift to sect of Lord Swaminarayan.

           If there any person or saint or other anyone who has perfect in the tense, wisdom, character as per the scripture and detachment and if acharya of Dharmavansh becoming lower than such of them, then on spite of that my devotees, saints and all redeemer must follow by mind, act and word to Dharmavansh acharya and who was established by me. because this is for your soul salvation. Person who follow other person despite of my order and my acharya then their soul will must be suffered misery in the earth and adobe and getting extremely pain.

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