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Educational care activity aims to provide needy and unaffordable children and youth with education, learning, valuable thinks, culture and social spiritual upliftment and programs designed for their overall development.

Today in the world values of education very expensive and precious and education is one of the parts of life. An innovative and integrated educational approach to Maxime their potential is most important for helping tribal child, needy youth, to escape from the vicious cycle   of ignorance and poverty.

Sardhardham one of the major organizations who lies with help to those who are needy in fact and with generating by the cultural and spiritual with modern education. Where access to higher education with wisdom of tradition, cultural, spirituality and modern era knowledge, technology limitless. While we work systematically care of the student with cultural and spiritual development and giving them a platform to pursue higher education and achieving designation in their lives, and more attention is paid towards skill development and other activities.

The facilities are provided at Sardhar and other sister originations include classrooms, laundry, computer lab and library, free transportation and pure and nutritive food tree times.

Now following types of care provided by us as a educational aid……

Yet for a many parent, the cost of collage material, bag, book writing pad can be a major concern. So, we offering note books, school bag, writing pad, pencils and pens at totally free of charge and such thing also distributed at highly subsidized rate to other.



Provide transportation facility institution campus to colleges and schools campus.


Healthy and nutritive food served with proper making method to students with love and care.


All students can benefit the latest knowledge and technology and aware about their education knowledge & smarter learning method by using of computer lab free of charge.



Live like home at every room and Getting all those facilities of highly paid room only by zero paid.


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