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 A nature calamity brings with life-sheltering impact on an individual, community, City, state, country and even the entire world. Natural calamity like Floods, Tsunamis, Famine, Earthquakes and Cyclones causing it human and other being suffering and generating a negative impact on national economy. India the nation who has been realized massive destruction and titanic human suffering from disasters in this last two decades, such as Surat Flood, Kutch Earthquake, the Tsunami in southern India, Uttarakhand cloudburst, Amreli Flood and okhi cyclone etc. Each calamity has resulted in huge loss of life and property.



We work behind such all disasters. And works toward providing suppleness, support and care as well as basic furnish and immediate relief aid to the impacted and victim at the earliest mainly the key area of relief work undertaken during an emergency as are….

          Immediate Relief work.

          Medical aid.

          Food packets distribution.


Above mentioned are visualized as follow…

---Food relief: -



The natural calamity here effected very huge in a short duration and impacted the lives of the people in a big way with huge property.



Amreli: -

Here also suddenly rain fall become storm as a cause huge area impacted, many people become shelter less, huge amount of property swipe with water flow. We gave sympathy with aid at a that time and helped all impacted area.



During the three years above (2017) sabarkatha flood disaster we helped those all affected areas and people with all necessity aid.

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