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This dissertation is mainly described the lord swaminarayan acts during the he was alive in the world and effects on the society.

fotoLord Swaminarayan was born in chhapaiya near the ayodhya in utter Pradesh, where he was born to devote Brahmin parents in 1781. Many revolutionary deeds were done by Ghanshyam {Lord Swaminarayan} at chhapaiya and ayodhya village. During such time or age, He was thought that about humanitarian works or humanizing in the India and about ward also. So behind such thoughts, at age of eleven he left home for a people or redeem countless souls and do Social Revolution and mentioned above goal he left the home for a long pilgrimage as an ascetic wandering as a celibate student through the various scared places of the India . During such or this period he was known as neelkanth. He traveled north into the Himalaya and then down the eastern coast of India into the south. Nilakanth’s {lord swaminarayan} pilgrimages into Himalaya were included Hardwar,Kedarnath,Tibet,and Nepal.Pulhashram,Gangotri at in the even lowest temperature wherein none is able to live. After Himalaya tour or journey Nilakanth varni went to north , where in the east Bengal, Shreepur, Jagannathpuri, TIrupati, Kanyakumari, Nasik, Pandharpur, and then Gujarat at Loj. Where He joined a small ashram of Ramandswami. After accepted initiation; he was named as a Sahajanand swami. Then after in some days he was accepted as Ramadan’s successor and leader of the ashram, and during this appointment ceremony Lord Swaminarayan {Sahajanand swami} requested two marvelous boon from Ramanand swami:

O Gurudev! If your devotee is destined to suffer a single scorpion bit then let me , instead of suffer the pain of ten millions of scorpion bites on each pore of my body but no pain should distress your devotee and if your devotee is destined to carry the begging bowl then let it be my fate but your devotee should not suffer from the need of food or clothing.

Above mentions the beginning of Humanitarian and humanizing. And in the 1802 they began a successful and tremendous career as a on Humanitarian and bear with good teacher until his death in 1830. During his life all followers acknowledged him as a, the Supreme Being and the highest reality. With the name Sahajanand swami {Lord swaminarayan}his humanize working victory until 1830 foreshadowed the future get bigger and pervade his moments for the next two century or generation in India and abroad. He attracted numbers of followers from various cast without any discrimination and many religion. He initiated nearly 3000 men as sadhus whotook vows to renounce the world and become leader of new face of the religious movement.

Lord swaminarayan built six temple in the Gujarat {vadtal, junagadh, Gadhada, Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Dholera} and create or generate new face of religious literature, proclaimed a smoothly strict moral code that was valued by British and Indian observes an helping bring order to a coatic region during a troubled time.

During his (Lord Swaminarayan) life, adopting religious tradition to create new identities in response to evolving Social, cultural, economic, civil and political changes. Such social revolution precipitate realignment very astounding identity in the society was very amazing. He developed a pure good conduct flow the Ganga of redemption of all mean, poor and wretched, open the door of redemption for all with uniformly by cultivation of culture in the life of all those people who were known as lowest cast and creed with/by food purity. Thought purity and purity of practice. As per the international declaration of Human Right all people has their personal right, in a same way Lord swaminarayan also spread his all humanitarian thoughts throughout the world and society and he proved, that, he had come not to destroyed but to fulfill.

He made pure thinking flow of all generation or people. lord swaminarayan encouraged his followers and even non-followers also to combine devotion and dharma to lead a pious life. Lord Swaminarayan was against the consumption of meat, alcohol or drugs. Adultery, suicide, animal sacrifice, criminal activities and the appeasement of ghosts and tantric rituals. Alcohol consumption was forbidden by him even for medicinal purposes. By all above mentioned acts were key to change of all social people because due to such so there were many problems reduced.

He also prohibited the Satipratha (self-immolation) of women. It was very dangerous custom in a society. And taken preventive steps to child female infanticide in women. He concentrates women education also; where in, at that time influential and wealthy individuals educated their girls through private and personal tuition. Male followers of lord swaminarayanmade arrangement to educate their female family members. The literacy ratio among females began to increase. Lord Swaminarayan was considered pioneer of education of female in India.

According to the author Raymond Brady Williams

“lord swaminarayan is an early representative of the practice of advocacy of women’s rights with personal involvement with women.”

He prohibit bed addiction also with gently way or method. Because bed addiction was causes of many coatic situation. At a time many castes like darbar, koli, kathi, who were known as strong over the all. And cause to such addiction, they were become violent and due to that many innocent were victimized. So by restriction of bed habit or addiction society becomes safe and secured by mentioned people. So act done by lord swaminarayan related to non-addiction was fabulous. He became active to abolish discrimination under the cast also. Because Lord Swaminarayan associated with lower castes and fulfill their desires and given redemption; plus by given his company they all were become very attitude full and cultural and got the symbolic designation of pure Brahmin. Further, he pervade the all people are welcome for me. In spite of he is Muslim, Parsi, khoja, Jain, and Sikh it’s does not matter; and establish one marvelous way in the world. Lord Swaminarayan accepts to all without consider of Cast, Creed, and Racial-sex and religious and it is a one big portion of united declaration of human right 1948

Lord swaminarayan‘s contribution in worlds peace and security very considerable , because he transformed energy of human ,because energy of human will not use in proper way then; it will also disturb the human life and some energy will kill the human being also. There are unknown numbers of such examples in the religious history wherein the sinners have become pure and have got themselves transformed as the great person by massage of Lord Swaminarayan.

Economically contribution of Lord swaminarayan also very good ;he thought to all his devotee how to administrated with other, he inspired to all about co-operative system, he thought about accountancy related practices, many people learnt by him related to perform outlay places, security, investment, Administration of house, temples, how to developed management also. He gave his eyes on development of craft industries also and this reason all middle class people getting accelerate toward the new bright life. Therefore, such types of awareness generate the key to economically progress and financial improvement. Furthermore, he becomes torch-bearer in cultural and spiritual encouragement. He wrote the code of conduct or moral conduct and many of the scripture were written by his aseptic disciples and give wonderful gift to society for attitude full life by such scripture.

At last for good cultivation, he built various nine temples and through those opens the door of cultural society, good human attitude and stops less progress of human being. So Lord Swaminarayan gives tremendous and glorious effort toward social reformation. Thus in the thought of Lord swaminarayan contains many useful and practical hints, instruction, commands, for the conduct of a good , moral life, and thereby preparing for the spiritual realization. Lord swaminarayan believed that if you want change then must give efforts on it, because he held that the “people could not be uplifted unless on mixed with them , became one with them , love with them , taught them by one’s own loving and educated them into helping themselves.” It is a thought which was himself.

The spiritual socialism of Lord Swaminarayan consists in seeing well in everything, in sympathy for the downtrodden. It signifies the realization of social justice, the blooming of love humanity and self-sacrifice.


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