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- Discribe the sportive acts of Lord Swaminarayan and his saints for Society and culture with the hinduism.

- Aware to people about morality of Lord Swaminarayan and his saver norms which are very imortant to develop socio-cultureal generation.

- Promulgate a consciousness of "SHIKSHAPATRI", "SATSANGI JIVAN" and "VACHNAMRUT" as it are revealed by Lord Swaminarayan.

- Well ordinary or systematicallypropagate spiritual knowledge to society and cultivate all people or Human being in the technique of cultural and spiritual life for the social betterment and spiritual enrichment of the human society and peace in the world.

- To conduct various philanthrophic and Humanitarian activites for needy people.

- To provide Educational facility to poor and needy or unaffordable students.

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