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● Education Services

Educational care activity aims to provide needy and unaffordable children and youth with education, learning, valuable thinks, culture and social spiritual upliftment and programs designed for their overall development.

Today in the world values of education very expensive and precious and education is one of the parts of life. An innovative and integrated educational approach to Maxime their potential is most important for helping tribal child, needy youth, to escape from the vicious cycle   of ignorance and poverty.

Sardhardham one of the major organizations who lies with help to those who are needy in fact and with generating by the cultural and spiritual with modern education. Where access to higher education with wisdom of tradition, cultural, spirituality and modern era knowledge, technology limitless. While we work systematically care of the student with cultural and spiritual development and giving them a platform to pursue higher education and achieving designation in their lives, and more attention is paid towards skill development and other activities.

The facilities are provided at Sardhar and other sister originations include classrooms, laundry, computer lab and library, free transportation and pure and nutritive food tree times.

Now following types of care provided by us as a educational aid……

Yet for a many parent, the cost of collage material, bag, book writing pad can be a major concern. So, we offering note books, school bag, writing pad, pencils and pens at totally free of charge and such thing also distributed at highly subsidized rate to other.

Provide transportation facility institution campus to colleges and schools campus.

 Healthy and nutritive food served with proper making method to students with love and care.

All students can benefit the latest knowledge and technology and aware about their education knowledge & smarter learning method by using of computer lab free of charge.

Live like home at every room and Getting all those facilities of highly paid room only by zero paid.

● Medical Services

Shree Swaminarayan hospital is a charitable, multi-specialty hospital located in Sardhar, Bhavnagar and those offer a wide range of services and high-quality medical technology which are rarely seen in such areas. Our hospital strives to offer comprehensive helping services of quality at subsidized and affordable rates or free for the underprivileged and needy people.

Shree Swaminarayan hospital provides various means or aid to needed people by specialized.

These facilities included…….

Dental clinic

Operation theater     Gynae

X-Ray                           Color doppler

Ambulance service    Emergency services

Orthopedic                 Separate general wards

Medical                       Sonography


Every year nearly 300000 patients are checked by our specialized staff.

At various places arranged medial camps and treat many people free of charge and take responsibility of patients.

Every year nearly 4 to 6 blood donation caps are arranged support of various club. By this camp we made already donated 5000 bottles.

We also encourage medical staffs and degreed doctors for their work behind us. Every year we inferred DANVANTARI AWARD to best social services and kindness toward people provider doctor.

● Welfare Programme


Humanitarian work is our aim as a way of creating everywhere everything…. Our all branches provide scholarship and rewards to a large number of students, medical aid to poor patients and work help to aged and needed people. Huge amount is spent by organization and our sister organization for benefit of poor students, hospitals and dispensaries for the treatment of poor patients.

Sum instance are as follow…….

● Relife & Rehabilitation Works

A nature calamity brings with life-sheltering impact on an individual, community, City, state, country and even the entire world. Natural calamity like Floods, Tsunamis, Famine, Earthquakes and Cyclones causing it human and other being suffering and generating a negative impact on national economy. India the nation who has been realized massive destruction and titanic human suffering from disasters in this last two decades, such as Surat Flood, Kutch Earthquake, the Tsunami in southern India, Uttarakhand cloudburst, Amreli Flood and okhi cyclone etc. Each calamity has resulted in huge loss of life and property.

We work behind such all disasters. And works toward providing suppleness, support and care as well as basic furnish and immediate relief aid to the impacted and victim at the earliest mainly the key area of relief work undertaken during an emergency as are….

          Immediate Relief work.

          Medical aid.

          Food packets distribution.


Above mentioned are visualized as follow…

---Food relief: -


The natural calamity here effected very huge in a short duration and impacted the lives of the people in a big way with huge property.

Amreli: -

 Here also suddenly rain fall become storm as a cause huge area impacted, many people become shelter less, huge amount of property swipe with water flow. We gave sympathy with aid at a that time and helped all impacted area.

During the three years above (2017) sabarkatha flood disaster we helped those all affected areas and people with all necessity aid.

● Tribal Welfare

we are trying to give selfless services at tribal area of nation. Generally, we mainly focus on the poor child’s education and inhabited of villagers. We always try our best around such area, an educational awareness, removing bed habits and upliftment of their standard of living. We help them by giving various support and distributing of relation. We always dedicate our time to such villages and arrange various activities to improvement, wherein assemble for awareness, celebration, events and camps arranging.

● Festival as a Way of Tradition

Festivals are the key of together at a one place. Lord Swaminarayan started best strategy of celebration of festivals to development of management and develop harmony and peace around the world.

By the celebration festivals we relieve from monotony. So, arrangement of festival event due to that create an environment of cultural harmony.

We celebrate festivals surround the many places to teach forget enmity and embrace one another in a bond of love.

Some festivals like Janashtami, Nrihsighjayanti, Dipavali and so and so these festivals through we always explain moral, ethical, social values of life mix up with entertainments.

We are being tried to produce a feeling of social equality and honesty toward nation and values of life by independence and republic days celebration.

Generally, effects of festivals are very wholesome for an individual and for the society. Shree Swaminarayan temple Sardhardham always diligent to create a sense of cultural unity or brother hood by such festivals and people also inspire for such think. Because this activity inspires a sense of purity in our heart.

By celebrating this we just helps to bring the harmony in our Indian society without any class-hatred.

● Socio - Cultural Programme

Culture consists of the beliefs, behaviors, objects, and characteristics common to the society. Though the culture people define themselves, conform to society’s shared values, and contribute to society. Thus, culture includes many societal aspects: language, values, norms, mores, rules, tools, technologies, products, organization, and institutions.

In short culture is a way of life that a number of people have in common. Our cultural society is reflected in what we wear to work, when and what we eat, and how we send our leisure time. Culture provides the framework within which our lives become meaningful, based on standards of success, beauty, and goodness. Our culture affects virtually every aspect of our lives like competition and cooperation. So, culture consists of a set of principles and traditions transmitted from generation to generation, yet because human being has created it, culture is subject to change. Cultural diversity is the result of geographical location, religious beliefs, and lifestyles. 

So, we can definitely say that No culture could exist without society and equally no society could exist without culture. So, we are working with above thought and arrange two big event every year (1) Bal yuva shibir (2) Satsang Chhavani every Dipavali. Other than these we frequently assembled many seminars and events related to this. Wherein we eager to supply society knowledge and cultural cum traditional knowledge. By this we are just trying to develop academic, social, market, economic, cultural, spiritual and development of attitude towards society. By such think we become success to build honesty towards society, inhabitant of bed thing, create well attitude, harmony each other, generate strength to do best for nation, positive thinking and expert in various field.

● Weekend Together

we are together to learn how to live with all. Under this people aware about reality of human being in this world. By this satsang all can able to learn how we should live with family and society.

● Built The Temple at Various Places

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